Grassroots in Nebraska Recommended Listening List: Founders' Freedom Formula


The Founders’ Freedom Formula by the National Center for Constitutional Studies (a free podcast ready for download)

The Founder’s Freedom Formula was created by the National Center for Constitutional Studies (NCCS) and recorded with the assistance of Rowan Radio and The National Society of American Business Owners. The purpose behind these “Freedom” podcasts is to help accomplish what America’s Founding Fathers said was essential to maintain and preserve our Constitutional form of government … EDUCATE THE COMMON PEOPLE in the proper principles of government. Those 28 key principles, by the way, are listed and beautifully discussed in Dr. W. Cleon Skousen’s book, “The 5,000 Year Leap”.

Topics covered:  a Republic, Constitutional Rights, Government’s Right to Tax, Natural Law #1, Educating the Masses, Government’s Power to Spend, Human Nature, Federalism and the 17th Amendment, Restoring Federalism, Federalism and the 10th Amendment, Religion in America, Church and State vs. Religion and State, the Proper Role of Government, Federalism, Property Rights, Gold Standard, Religion, the Secret to America’s Strength, America’s Founders, the Science of Government, America’s Religion, Trial by Jury of Peers, Public Debt, Creator-Endowed Rights, Natural Law #2, Checks and Balances, Rule of Law, the Unique Idea of the American Constitution, General Welfare, and Equality.

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