Lincoln Tax Freedom Tea Party Information

Thank you for inquiring about the Lincoln Tax Freedom Tea Party

Event information:

Saturday, April 11

1:00 – 3:00 PM

State Capitol Building

1445 K St.


Please bring cans of Pork & Beans to show your distaste with all of the out of control spending by politicians and to do some good. All collected canned goods will be donated to a local food pantry.

I understand that there has been some confusion regarding the information \”out there\”. This is one of the issues currently being dealt with. A number of entities have taken it upon themselves to portray that they are \”official sponsors\” of all the Tea Parties in the country and are sending out information on the behalf of local organizers without checking with them in any way. This kind of situation is difficult to control.

It would be helpful if you are on Facebook to RSVP (on the Event page), to give some idea of the number of possible attendees.
Links for Facebook:

Lincoln Tea Party Facebook Group

Lincoln Tax Freedom Tea Party Facebook Event

**If you are not on Facebook and are planning to attend the event, it would be VERY helpful if you would send an RSVP to this email account **WITH** the subject line \”RSVP YES April 11\”. Please do not include other information within that particular message. I will use a filter for those to a folder to keep a running count**
Some arrangements being made with folks at the Capitol are dependent upon a good estimate of attendance. I would greatly appreciate your help in attempting to get some kind of estimate, thanks.

In addition to the Facebook group and event, I have created a blog specifically for the Lincoln area as well:

Lincoln Tea Party blog

Be sure to see the attachments to this message. I have included both a printable flyer and a business-sized card for your use should you desire to invite people to attend. Obviously, that is one of the best ways in which you can help.


Most updated information about volunteers:

There will be a Conference Call for volunteers on Thursday (April 9) at 7:30PM.
Anyone wishing to help finish up preparations for the event or to help the day of the event are welcome to participate in the call.

To participate in the call:
Call 1-270-696-1555
Use Access Code: 506530

Note that long distance charges do apply.


The cost of renting the TV has been covered.
Pocket Constitutions have been ordered.
Several donations to pay for these items have come in. **Thank you to the donors** We are $30 short of covered.
Remaining expenses: Envelopes, stickers, business card printables


Researching parking directions from major roadways, saving links to those maps

Video editing

Action pack assembly

Prepping Tea Bag Tags

People who are willing to observe the crowd, who will have a cell phone with them, and who will be able to make the Conference Call for a discussion of the details of this job.


1 – 8ft. table

Patriotic decorations

Large rustic or patriotic themed container:
Suggestions: Large galvanized steel tub
Antique trunk

Let me know if you have any questions,
Shelli Dawdy

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