Call for Volunteers – UPDATED – What is still needed?

This post was most recently updated April 7 @ 12:40AM

Attention Nebraska Tea Party Enthusiasts!

Things are coming together nicely for our event. A number of people have stepped up to help and we thank them. Of course, there are still things need to be done.

MOST PRESSING (and sorry, yes, a couple of them involve $)

I spoke with someone at the National Center for Constitutional Studies today. If an order is placed tomorrow I was told they will arrive on time. I was advised it     would be best to order them together. The cost is $30 per 100 quantity.

If you had inquired about purchasing them, you can send a payment through PayPal, but please inquire for address, I don’t want to post that here.

Two options:
1) Secure use of an outdoor gazebo, at least 6 ft high to shade a 6 ft tall x 10 ft wide backdrop.
2) Procure donations of $60 – $80 for rental of a TV from Ace Rent to Own (they deliver & pickup)

2 -4



8 1/2″ x 11″ Flyer Word Format

8 1/2″ x 11″ Flyer PDF Format

Business card sheet Word Format

Business card sheet PDF
Blog, post notification to appropriate groups, email
Don’t overlook non-Internet based people to inform about the event.

Research & Blogging

Graphic Design
2 / 3 large sized logos
Tea Bag Labels

Video Creation & Editing

Driving Direction Maps (& Caravan)

Patriotic-themed decorations
Clever patriotic-themed large container

Program Needs
Volunteer to recruit Revolutionary War re-enactors
Volunteer to secure commitment from a singer or choir (there are a couple of people working on this, but nothing firm)

Day of Event
Table workers
Tear Down

Besides the help listed, I request that anyone who has time, drop The Lincoln Journal Star an email regarding the fact that they appear, once again, to be ignoring news in their city that doesn’t fit their agenda.

They totally ignored the March 15 rally and have made no response whatever to the Press Release. Of course, I will be sending it to them again, at least once, and perhaps another version in couple of days. If I don’t hear from them by the Thursday, I will be calling to confirm receipt.

We have been receiving other media coverage. In case you missed it, Ch. 8 had as the top story on the 6PM broadcast Wednesday, statements from Sen. Nelson regarding his upcoming vote on the Budget and reaction to “protestors”, including both the March 15 rally in front of his office and the upcoming Tea Party.

If you missed it, you can see the video here.

It was a fair report but I hope Ch. 8 will cover the story a bit more before Saturday as they didn’t give any specific details. The story was obviously focused on the “Tea Party vs the Senator” angle.  I suspected as much going in, but knew that may be the only shot at getting the word out.

The McCook Gazette immediately posted the story (a copy & paste of the entire press release) on their website.

I’ve not heard of other coverage as of yet. If you hear of some, please post a comment.

I am scheduled as a guest on 1230 KHAS Sunrise 60 at 7:30AM Wednesday with Dylan Hunter and the “Jack & John in the Morning” show on, also on Wednesday at about 8:15 AM on 1400AM KLIN.

I’ll let you know if there is any additional coverage.

Look for about an email per day going forward with updates on the event including driving directions, rules about the Capitol grounds, etc.

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3 Responses to Call for Volunteers – UPDATED – What is still needed?

  1. Pat Carlson says:

    My friends husband is in the guards, I’ll contact her right away to see what we can do to get the presentation of the colors set up.

  2. Corky Anderson says:

    I can probably print some handouts, help with tear down, donate money for the pocket Constitutions. I also have a web server that I’d be glad to host the electronic files on for download if you still need that. Thanks for all you are doing!

  3. Aaron Kircher says:

    I could at least help to clean up after the event.

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