Media Coverage: Video Link to Ch. 8 Report

In case you didn’t see it yet, I’ve captured the video from the Wednesday KLKN TV Channel 8 report that was the “Top Story”  at 6PM.

You can find the video on the right side bar in the “Vodpod Videos” widget.If you click on the video’s icon, a goo-sized viewing screen will pop out.

The videos from Ch. 8 are very difficult to work with. I wanted to include it in a post directly here, but it simply wouldn’t cooperate it.

If you are interested in a bit of story to go with the video, I have posted on regarding the interview on my blog. Just click the link below:

Lincoln Tea Party / Sen. Ben Nelson Top Story on Ch. 8 News

Hopefully, Ch. 8 will do a story more fully discussing the upcoming April 11 event. At the very least, at least it begins to get the word out there.

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2 Responses to Media Coverage: Video Link to Ch. 8 Report

  1. Shelli,
    It doesn’t look like the “Possibly related posts” the system is generating are related or useful. You might consider turning that off for now.


  2. Jane Brommer says:

    I missed the “Top Story” on Channel 8 and I had to ACTUALLY LEARN ABOUT LINCOLN’S TEA PARTY ON SATURDAY from my old college roommate in IDAHO. I am really amazed that NEBRASKANS aren’t more vocal about the things that are happening to our countryand the freedoms being removed on adaily baisis

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