A number of people have indicated interest in a coordinated caravan across I-80 on the day of the event. The route and timing proposed are being worked on at this time. The idea is this: starting west in North Platte (see below), the caravan would “pick up” additional participants at exits at noted times. A designated gather point near the exits would be helpful. In addition the major exits on I-80, there has been some interest in possibly connecting some outlaying towns like Columbus by using a slight “detour” from the normal route to Lincoln. Please leave any comments you may have regarding these ideas and check back as the proposed plan develops. Finally, several people have mentioned an interest in carpooling from outlying areas to the event. If you don’t know anyone in your local area who may be coming to the event, send us an email and we will do our best to connect folks. Otherwise, from the standpoint of logistics, it would obviously be best if carpooling could be arranged locally. Please help us keep some handle on the possible number of attendees and any arrangements that would indicate a high level of interest in any part of the state by using the Email Form, link provided below. **Please help us to understand the level if interest in the idea by using the Email Form.** Proposed Starting Point: North Platte Wal-Mart 1401 S. Dewey St. Meet 7:00 AM – 7:30 Am Leave parking lot no later than 7:30 AM

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