The Lincoln Journal Star…the black hole for press releases

As predicted, the Lincoln Journal Star somehow has not received any press releases.

I mentioned in my most recent email update for those on the Tea Party that folks may want to take a moment and let the Journal Star that the event should be covered in their publication.

I knew we would have difficulty getting any attention from them based not only on their regular reporting but on their having ignored the March 15 rally in front of Sen. Nelson’s office.

Having made my suggestion to everyone on the email list, at least one of my fellow “party goers” decided to make contact. She received the following reply from the Assistant City Editor:

“Please provide information about your Tea Party Protest so we consider it for coverage – where it will be, what time, who is expected to attend, contact information for organizers, etc.”


A phone number was listed so I decided to call it to inquire as to the best method for sending press releases ( I had already done this, but…what the heck) to ensure that it was actually directed to the right department.

I was given the same email address that I had already been using.

I noted to the gentleman who had answered the phone that I had already sent the release to that address. He said:

“Why don’t you try it again?”

Is there some swirling black hole in cyberspace into which my messages containing Press Releases is getting sucked?

We shall see….I may try Pony Express next.

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One Response to The Lincoln Journal Star…the black hole for press releases

  1. Maybe we need to get a bunch of signatures on the press release and deliver it to the Journal-Star. 🙂

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