My Message to KLKN-TV: Please UnConfuse the Public

This is the email I sent to the Assistant Assignment Editor at KLKN-TV

I am writing regarding the confusion that has been caused for people in the Lincoln area about the day, time, and location of the Tea Party events. I was hoping that KLKN would give a minute or two at some point to the details of the Tea Party at the Capitol after having agreed to do the interview with Reille last week. Her report included no specifics.

Despite whatever I may have hoped, I don’t feel entitled to this coverage. However, if more time is spent on the details of an event of an extremely similar nature, particularly one that is scheduled to occur after the one at the Capitol, it would seem that in order to prevent confusing the public, there should be a minimal level of detail given. The Bob Bennie event was treated as primary and the one at the Capitol “related”. Daniel Pearlman stated the time of the event was 11AM. Considering I had sent a press release to three people at KLKN, the correct information was available.

The public is now confused and I am now receiving a flurry of  and phone calls. I have pasted a few examples at the bottom of this message. I kindly and humbly request that KLKN correct the error and inform the public of the proper date, time, and location of the event at the Capitol.

Admittedly this confusion is not solely due to the KLKN report. Mr. Bennie apparently has a lot of resources to pay for advertising. Our event is simply being organized by a small grassroots group with no funding other than out of our own pockets.

I am going to be issuing another press release because of the confusion which includes a bit of detail about our program.

I look forward to hearing from you,
Shelli Dawdy

Example of emails I am now receiving:

I am a little confused on the date and time of the tea party because I have seen an ad on the local T.V. station  that states the tea party is on the 15th.  Yet on the website it is mentioned to be on the 11th. Which should I believe?

My husband saw a sign posted outside the Lancaster Event Center in Lincoln, NE stating that there will be a tea party there on April 15 starting at 4:00 to 6:00 p.m. Is this information correct? How much time should we allow before 4:00 p.m. in getting there? Bring a tea bag or bags? Any information would be greatly appreciated.

I have seen heard that the rally will be moved to the Lancaster Event Center on the 15th April, or is that a separate group?

I was planning on making it down for the event on the 11th at the Capitol.  However a friend of mine read on the internet that it was moved back to the 15th.  Just wondering when it was going to be.  Thanks.

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2 Responses to My Message to KLKN-TV: Please UnConfuse the Public

  1. Wow, I’m amazed that when some Americans have a quibble about the politics of spending they start a tax revolt. Our GLBT families AND children are SUB-American in Federal Law; we suffer NEEDLESSLY in times of crisis, disease, and death due to our legal exclusion from FAMILY LAW.

    I’m afraid YOU will have to pay OUR taxes from now on, until WE are equal. [National Equality Tax Revolt 2009]

    • Stubborn_Facts says:

      I’m amazed that you would take the time to leave a comment on a Lincoln, NE Tea Party blog discussing mostly issues which have no real relevance to the matter at hand.

      We are not “quibbling” about spending. We are stating unequivocally that the government is spending money at an unsustainable level in all areas excepting one; defense.

      For our group, this was and is not just a “tax revolt”. It is about a completely out of control government, hi-jacked frankly, by very loud, and frankly, obnoxious special interest group such as the one you’ve referenced here.

      I do agree with one thing you’ve said, the rest of us are already paying the taxes for other people. We’re already paying for failed / failing social engineering programs that are unsustainable. And for the foreseeable future, we will continue to do so.

      All of us suffer for various reasons now and again. Many of us just don’t expect other people to take care of us, mos particularly the government.

      The traditional family unit is the bedrock unit of society. One of the reasons we are in such trouble is that groups like yours have done so much to tear it apart.

      If you do not like the Constitution of the United States of America, with its concepts of limited government, perhaps you should move. Our government was based on limiting the power of government so people may be free. It was not designed to do things for people.

      There are many countries in the world who have the nanny-state, secular view you clearly embrace. Perhaps you could move to Cuba or France.

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