Day of Event Information & Parking


The rally will be held on the West Side of the Capitol building in front of the statue of Abraham Lincoln.

I know some people expressed a wish that we convene on the North steps. Please be advised that the Capitol structure is undergoing renovations on the north side and parts of the steps there are closed. It was determined by myself and my husband, the Tourism Supervisor, and the Capitol Police, upon inspection that the loose pavers and barricades in this area, and the complete closure of the stairway requiring restricted, single file access to the upper north steps and balconies presented safety problems.

There are several things to note regarding the rules established by the Capitol Commission:

  • Signs must be hand held: (I know, I know) wood, metal, plastic poles and standards are prohibited.
  • Participants must remain on hard surfaces, terraces, and sidewalks. Groups are to keep off the lawn and shrubbery, and are not to climb on retaining walls and balustrades.
  • No leafleting is allowed within the State Capitol or Grounds, except at or beyond the public sidewalks.
  • Open flames are prohibited in the State Capitol and on Capitol Property.

It has come to our attention that some groups are going to target Tea Party events for several nefarious purposes. Among them are bringing in the very kinds of signs mentioned above to embarrass our efforts. Other goals of such groups is to circulate through the crowed and attempt to procure contact information. Apparently these people will be posing as like-minded individuals, looking to “connect” with others.

For the above reason, anyone associated with organizing this event or working at the site that day will be given a lanyard name tag so they are easily identified. They will all have a standardized look with the image from the flyers that have been sent out with several emails. Further, we will not be circulating any sign-up clipboards throughout the crowd. We will have a sign-in sheet and petition available at a table only. Please do not share your contact information with anyone you don’t already know.

Our purposes for using a sign-up sheet are thus:
Count the number of people in attendance with some accuracy.
Contact you in the future for upcoming activities and events.

We will have a proclamation available for your signature that was written by Nebraskan Ryan Sellers. He is organizing the April 15 rally in North Platte. Ryan’s proclamation is being used by other organizers across the country. Since this proclamation is not an official document being used for a ballot initiative, you will not need to provide additional information other than your signature to add your voice to others.

—> If some people would throw some lawn chairs their trunks, we should be able to accommodate some of the older folks that are going to attend.<—



I will be providing instructions for a central upload (hopefully an improved situation from March 15) for photos following the event so everyone can enjoy them and we can use some to make some slideshows and YouTube videos.
In addition to providing enjoyment, we will be able to get the word out about our event on the Internet in absence of good media coverage.



Mapquest directions from specific major roadways. Just click on the route for the map.

From West, via I 80E

From East (Omaha) via I 80W

From South (Beatrice and a route for Crete)

From North (Fremont)


Of course, you will want to try to park as close to the Capitol as possible. We requested that the Capitol Commission open up the South parking lot for us as its normally closed on Saturdays.  Administrative Services had not as of yet cleared this request as of late Thursday afternoon. I will do my best to update this. Hopefully, they will get this finalized.

Besides the South parking lot, there are spots all around the Capitol property.

Should space nearer the property become limited, you may need to locate one of the parking garages in the downtown area.

Click **HERE** for a downtown Lincoln guide, including parking garages

Click **HERE** for an interactive map

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2 Responses to Day of Event Information & Parking

  1. Sounds like a wonderful event – thanks to Shelli for working so hard to have a spectacular event and protect the grassroots movement as well. Nebraska is blessed to have such a leader in their midst!

    Blessings to all and I wish I could be there in person!

    Sandie (sending regards from Oklahoma friends and fellow laborers!)

  2. apackof2 says:

    Hoping all Nebraskans come out to this Tea Party. It’s the real deal!

    It has been my privilege to getting to know Shellie after meeting her on Twitter and I can testify she is one hardworking grassroots patriot!

    Blessing to all those patriot attendees!

    Lansing, MI
    Tax Day Tea Party Co-Organizer

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