“Honey, I Shrunk the Tea Party” At Axxiom for Liberty

Photo Taken By Dana Turner

At the State Capitol, Lincoln, NE, April 11, Photo Taken By Dana Turner

Lady Axiom has an excellent post rounding up many of the cases of media bias in the reporting about April 15th’s Tea Party events.

Oklahoma Tea Party- Perspective. *update* Honey! I shrunk the Tea Party!

In addition to citing many examples of media bias, the Lady also points out the attempted hi-jacking or co-opting of any grassroots movement by political parties and organizations doesn’t mean the whole thing is a conspiracy.

I would add that I have seen the media bias locally. The only local newspaper, The Lincoln Journal Star, would at first not even mention the event we had scheduled for April 11. I asked the folks on the email list to let the Journal Star know they’d like to see coverage.

Just prior, one of the folks I’d heard from alerted me to the response she’d received from the City Desk when she’d inquried about lack of coverage. The Assistant Editor asked for information about the event as if she’d not heard about it before. In addition to my having sent a Press Release, I know of at least two other people who had sent the same thing.

Since they’d completely ignored the March 15th rally in front of Sen. Ben Nelson’s office, it didn’t surprise me that they’d act as if any related event information hadn’t been received.

Ultimately, the story was printed on page B5. The only good thing about the position of the blurb (can’t call it anything else) is that it was next to the obituary section.

When they reported on the event itself, they didn’t talk to any of the organizers and, most importantly, they cited “roughly 150” people attended. The Capitol Police Deputy assigned to security detail for our event estimated 350-400. The professional entertainer who counts heads for a living to compare to gate take-in used a counting procedure and estimated 375-400. He later backed that up with a close examination of photographs.  The Journal Star has as of yet to correct their mistake.

Besides attempts to totally ignore the story and minimize the number of participants, the Journal Star is apparently removing comments they don’t like from the online version of the story. My own comment (the first one made there) and four others were removed that I know about.

Finally, while our April 11 event was placed in the “Local” section on Sunday, the April 15 event that was apparently sponsored by the Nebraska GOP and very well-funded by a wealthy businessman with less than questionable ethics was featured as a page one story today.

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2 Responses to “Honey, I Shrunk the Tea Party” At Axxiom for Liberty

  1. Mary loomis says:

    I sympathize with your frustration over the media’s inaccurate count of the tax day rallies. Cleveland’s had 5000 but was reported by channel 3 to have between 200-300 people. Eventually the Plain Dealer Newspaper reported between 2000-3000. Still short of the 5000 counted by channel 8 and our group here. A relative with a degree in journalism and in “Safety” counted 5000 also. Yellow journalism abounds the least, total propaganda and lack of free speech at the worst.

  2. Debi Hubbard says:

    I attended both events…and was very proud to do so. The first event got me really pumped up and ready for the second. I agree that the media is very biased and the Journal Star did a horrible job of reporting on the tea parties. Why do you question the ethics of the man that helped put together the tea party on April 15th. Shouldn’t we be thankful that there was media coverage at all? This isn’t a competition between tea parties. We are all supposed to be working together. If you are going to say that he has “questionable ethics” then I think you should back it up with proof. Instead of trying to divide the people in Lincoln between these two groups you should be encouraging us to rally together.

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